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Diabetes is a ailment that occurs as a result of the inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin or the cell cannot accept the insulin that have been produce by the Pancreas.

 Although there have been many ways discovered by researchers to fight Diabetes.

Before looking for ways to cure diabetes here are questions we need to ask ourselves.

  • What sort of food do we eat?
  • Do we add fruits to our diets
  • How many bottles of Alcoholic or Sof drink do we drink on a daily basis? remember a cup of alcoholic will do a lot of damage to the body.
  • How many times do we do exercise? if no then diabetes might be knocking the door.

 So, here are some helpful tips that can help you fight diabetes.

 Avoid sweet, Chocolate and any sort of candies

 Eat Balance Diet Meal: Eat Balance diet every day and make sure you add fruits to your meal.

 Eat food that are rich in fibre: Fibre is a type of food that flush away toxins away from the body. Food like Wholegrains, fruits and vegetable are rich in fibre

 Avoid eating food that have high calories like White Bread, Process Rice etc and food that have high cholesterol (high Fat).

 Eat a lot of Green Vegetables and fruits like Cucumber, Cabbage, Apple, and some other fruits and Vegetables that are available free of charge.

 Exercise Regularly is very good for the body because you will excrete all the waste product in you body

 Practice Relaxation: It is very important to relax your body.

 And limit the drinking of SOFT DRINKS and Alcoholic Drinks because they contains substance that are not good for the body.


Ways to improve your Low Sperm Count

Low sperm count is not a strange ailment. In fact most of the problems in some home arise as a result of the inability of either the wife or the husband during sex.

 Although there are many causes of Low Sperm Count, but here are some causes like:

  1.  Wearing Tight Underpants
  2. Bathing in a hot water
  3. Sitting for a long period of time
  4. Overweight
  5. Malnutrition
  6. Smoking, excess of alcoholic intake
  7. Excess of exercise
  8. Regular ejaculation


  Ways to increase you sperm

Irregular Ejaculation: You should give a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations keep a man more fertile.

 Refrain from habits like smoking, alcohol consumption because it affects the liver but if you find it very hard to stop, substitude another thing with it.

Regular Exercise can also help improve sperm count

 Eat Nutritious Food. Food that are low in fat and high in protein and vegetable.

 Avoid Heat: This can be in form of wearing tight pant, bathing in hot water etc.

 Prevent Oestrogen Inbalance by lossing excess weight 

Relaxation: Reduce stress levels by relaxing your body after a stressful day.

 Exercise your body regularly. Exercise at least 20-30 minute regularly.

 Try supplementation: Supplementing your diet will boost your sperm count.

 Make love in the morning or in the afternoon because sperm levels are often highest in the morning.


What is Prostate Gland?This is a small organ which surrounds the urethra (the tube that takes urine from bladderout of a man’s body. It is a male sex gland (a gland is an organ which secretes a fluids). Every man is born with a prostate gland.

Prostate gland produces the fluid (semen) which carries a man’s sperm. It nourishes sperm. It also separate sperm and urine.

It start growing in size at a stage in life at which a man’s reproductive organs become able to function. After 40 years, it stops growing. However in some men it continues to grow and this continued growth leads to enlargement of the prostate.

Problems affecting the Prostate:

1. Enlargement Prostate: This is the most commonm problem in men. Half of men between the ages of 50-60 years develop this. Enlarged prostate narrows the Urethra, making it difficult for urine to pass out of the body. SYMPTOMS ARE:

  • Frequent need to urinate at night.
  • Straining and pushing to pass urine.
  • Inability to empty bladder fully.
  • Poor urine stream and dribbling or leaking after urination.

In most cases surgery is the only option and at times very dangerous at some ages. 60-80 years.

2. Prostatitis: Is the inflamation of the prostate gland. SYMPTOMS ARE:

  • Occasional discomfort in the testicles and urethra.
  •  Low sperm count, Blood in urine or semen.
  • Frequent painful urination and sexual Difficulties.
  • Fever, Chills, Pains in lower back and Fatigue.

3. Prostate Cancer: It is a Prostate Tumor, a lump created by an abnormal and uncontrolled growth cells. Cancerous tumor grow through the Prostate and spread to other parts of the body, where they may grow and form secondary tumors.

Symptoms are:

  • Chronic hip and lower back pains
  • Reduce sexual performance activity
  • Urinary track infections, impotency
  • Blood in urine or semen and loss of appetite.



1. Diet: This is anything we put in our mouth (food, drink and even the air we breath in) NUTRITIONA is what our body receive. For our body to be heakth and disease free we need to eat balance diet. As a result of unbalance balance. We cause havoc to our health everyday.

Our Nutrition intake is alwasy not enough and that create a wide nutritional gap everyday, We now feed on two out of six chains of life, the carbohydrate and Protein.

2. Lack of Rest is another causes of PROSTATE PROBLEMS

3. LACK OF EXERCISE is one of the major cause, since we consumes mostly Carbohydrate and proteinous food, that should be eat seldomly, we need to exercise our body in order excrete them away.


BALANCE DIET: We must feed on all the six classes of food, most Wholgrain Food and fruits & Vegetable that protect the body from some illness, Eating these will not only protect us from prostate problem, but it will also helps us to maintain good health and Long Life including prosperity, a a saying “health is Wealth

Rest and Exercise is also very important for the body.

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what Nigerians should know about Heart Problem

It is a clearly established fact that heart disease remains the leading cause of PREMATURE DEATH all over the world and the sad reality is that far too many have more than one of the major risk factors: high blood pressure, excessive smoking and alcohol consuption, high cholesterol, overweight, significance stress levels and inactive lifestyle.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that by the year 2020, 40% of all deaths worldwide will be related to heart diseaase.

Hypertension which appears to be one of the major risk factors is often referred to as the “SILENT KILLER” because harm can be happening without the patient even realising it, although hypertension may be accompanied by colds hands or feed or headaches very often but with less severe hypertension, there may be no symptoms.In fact, more than a million times a year, the first symptoms of a HEART ATTACK is the LAST!

The problem is that high blood pressure puts a strain on the heart which is not designed to cope with higher pressure, the heart has to pump harder to push the blood, the hert responds by enlarging to be better able to do this hard work which is a problem for an organ that is meant to be lean and flexible to work as it should. A further complication comes from high cholesterol, circulating fats can be tapped in constricted vessels, and when these break free, a heart attack can be the result.

The brain can also be affected through a STROKE

Probably much number of strokes is caused by a blood clot of loose plaque lodging in the vessel of the brain, where it cuts off the flow of oxygenerated blood.

Some of the major ailments connected with the heart are the following:

1. CORONARY THROMBOSIS: This is the formation of blood clot that blocks the main artery leading to the heart, This type of heart disease is the single greatest killer in the world today.

2. CORONARY OCCLUSION: Occurs if the clot blocks a small branch artery and the part of the heart that receives from that branchh dies.

3. CORONARY SCLEROSIS: A restriction of the coronary blood supply to the heart muscle due to the thickening and hardening of the blood vessels (sclerosis), results in the severe pain

4. ANGINA PECTORIS: A condition characterized by severe pain in the heart area. It is due to insufficientt supply of blood to the heart tissue which results in a lack of oxygen in these tissues.

Although hereditary and environmental factors affect our health, but to al large extent, our state of health depends on ourselves, our lifestyle, our eating habits, our sleeping pattern, how much exercise we get and so on. You may have inheridaed a tendacy towards high blood pressure or high cholesterol but you can do something about both those conditions if you take them both serious and take certain actions;


There are many things you can do to protect your heart from the damaging effects of HEART DISEASE:

1. Get your doctor or clinic to clinic to measure your blood pressure and cholesterol, both these conditions can worsen over time without you knowing.

2. Lifestyle changes related to weight, diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol and stress levels urgently need to be addressed.

Its is been observed that eating the wrong foods (like food that have high Cholesterol, Highh Calories and some other food) can increase your risk of contracting ffatal HEART DISEASE, eating the right foods can reduce your RISK! which means that some food are much richer in heart protector nutrients than others and offer incredible protection that can cut your risk dramatically!

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How to Prevent Fibriod

Fibroids are growth of tissue that are ussually found in the wall of the uretus, or womb. They are made of a mixture odf muscle tissue from the uterus and threadlike fibers odf connective tissue. Although they are called tummours, fibroids are not cancerous.

 Fibroids are very common. They occur in 2 or 3 out of every 10 women over the age 35. Theu occur most often in women between ages 30 an 50, although women in their 20s sometimes have them.

 It is common to have more than one fibroids. some women may have as many as a hundred. Fibroids can be as small as a pinpoint or as large as a basketball. They are usually round or oval in shape, like a ball or egg. Their texture is firm, like an unripe peach.The Fibroid

 Fibroids can grow in different parts of the uretus. They are named according to which part of the uretus they are found.

 INTRAMURAL FIBROIDS: These are Fibroids that grow inside the wall of the uretus

 SUBSEROUS OR SUBSEROSAL FIBROIDS: These are Fibroids that grow outward from the wall of the uretus into the abdominal cavity.

 PEDUNCULATED FIBRIODS: These are Fibroids that grow inward from the Uterine wall, talking up space within the cavity of the uretus.


A fibroids start as a single musvle cell in the uretus. For reason that are not known, this cell changes into a fibroids tumor cell and starts to grow and multiply. Heredity may be a factor. It is thought that a muscle cell in the uretus may be programmed from birth to develop into a fibroid sometime-perhaps many years-after puberty (the start of menstrual periods).

 After puberty, the ovaries produces more hormones, especially estrogen. Higher levels of these hormones may help fibroids to grow, although exactly how this might happen is not understood.


For many women, fibroids ccause no prblems. More than half of women with fibroids do not know they have them until their doctors tell them so.

The most common problems caused by fibroids are:

 LONG MENSTTRUAL PERIOD: Periods that may last more than seven days and mentrual flow may be very heavy. Heavy menstrual flow can sometimes lead to anemia.

 PRESSURE ON OTHER ORGANS: Large Fibroids may press on organs in the pelvis – a basin-shaped cavity in the lower abdomen, containing the bladder, bowel and reproductive organs.

  •   If fibroids press on the bladder; a woman may feel the urge to urinate frquently, She may pass only small amounts of urine and she may feel as though she has not completely emptied her bladder.
  • If fibroids press on the bowel, she may feel constipated suffering from difficult, painful, or infrequent movement of the bowels, or full after eating a small amount of food.
  • If fibroids press on one or both ureters (the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder), they may partially block the flow of urine. A woman may not be aware of thi, because it often isn’t painful. Over time, however, this kind of blockage can lead to kidney infections or other serious kidney damage.

 PAIN IN TH PELVIS: The pressure of large fibroids on oher organs may cause pain in the pelvis. Sometimes, it fibroids do not get the blood flow they need to sustain themselves, they degenerate or die. This may cause severe pain lasting for days or weeks. Pain may also occur if the stalk of a fibroids twists, cutting off blood supply to the fibroids. Rarely, a fibroid may become infected and cause pain.


The treatment offered for fibroids will depend on whether or not the fibroids are causing any problems.

 DIET:Diet is one of the most preferable treatment for any disease, because it is what will eat everyday. Eating good diet can also prevent any diseases and can also cure diseases.

 DRUGS/SURGERY: To use drug or surgery treatment does nothing to get rid of the causes, but only cures the symptoms. It means that fibroids can regrow after a short period and as well come with side effects like vaginal dryness, irregular vaginal bleeding, headaches, thinning of the hair, pain, pain in the bones, joints, and muscles, sleep problems, mood changes, loss of sex drive. is the standard treatment for fibroids that are causing pain, heavy or lengthy menstrual bleeding, or other problems. The two kinds of surgery most commonly performed are hysterectomy and myomectomy.

All these two are very important but the most affordable one and the most reliable one is Dieting, eating the necessary food that contains the right nutrient will prevent the body from disease and will also boost the imune system.


What Nigerians should know about Arthritis

The pain in the jointArthritis is the inflation of one or more joints. it is characterized by Pain and Stiffness (especially in the morning or after exercise), Swelling deformity and or a diminished range of motion. Bone growths or spurs develop in the affected joints, increasing pain and decreasing mobility. These may be audible cracking or granting noise when the joint moves.
Athritis is not a new ailment in our environment, it has been existing since the beginning of time, then it is discovered as The DISORDER in the SKELETON of ANCIENT PEOPLE.
There are different types of Arthritis, here are some common ones: OSTEOARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS:

OSTEOARTHRITIS: It is also called degenerative joint disease involves deteriotation of the cartilage protecting the ends of the bones. It is sometimes caused by injury or an inherited defect in the protein that forms cartilage, or as a result of the wear and tear of AGING, DIET, AND LIFESTYLE.

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: This is an auto-immune diseaase that occurs when the ummune system begin attacking the cartilage and the synovial lining of the joint.As a result an unbalanced (i.e. unhealthy) inflamatory process begin significant destruction of healthy tissue. Free-radical production is five times higher in rheumatoid arthritis victims than people with normal joints.Thus tremendous oxidative stress is at worlk, causing damage to the joints in those suffering with rheumatoid athritis. it frequently attack people under forty years of age, mostly female. It also strikes children under the age of sixteen. The onset is associated with physical or emotional stress, poor nutrition and bacterial infection.

CAUSES: Athritis can also be caused by bacterial, Viral or fungal infection of a joint. Usually the effecting organism travels to the joint through the bbloodctrean from an infection elsewhere in the body.

SOLUTION: It can be reversible and in some cases, curable with Proper DIET and LIFESTYLE changes. These simple changes cannot only relieve the inflamation and pain but stop degeneration and rejuvenate the affected joints.

How to prevent Cancer

The most ask questions nowadays is?
What are Cancers?

Cancers are an extensive and lawful growth of cells which tends to spread to distant parts of the body and to form secondary ggrowth which may also ulcerate, bleed, produce poisons and finally cause death. It kills either by expansion of a single mass, or by infiltration and destruction of normal tissues or by spreading to various parts of the body to set up similar parasitic growth.


  1. Extensive exposure of X-Rays gamma rays and Ultra Violet rays will produce cancer in some susceptible individuals.
  2. Some parasitic worms such as tapeworms, flat worms etc. which by setting up long chronic irritation in certain parts of the body have caused cancer to develop. Any irritation may in time produce cancer.
  3. A decaying tooth may produce cancer of the tongue if it irritates the tongue.
  4. Certain chemicals derived from coal-tar.
  5. Tobacco-snuff and cigarettes are also known to cause cancer e.t.c.

Women can also be at risk of developing breast cancer.

  • If any one has had breast cancer in their family especially if this has occurred before the age of 40
  • If you have never been pregnant or had your first baby after you were 30.
  • If your period started before the age of 12.
  • If you menstruated after the age of 50
  • If previous mammogram shower of abnormalities.
  • If you have lumpy breast.

There are different symoptoms of Cancer:

  • A lump to the breast. Women should feel or pale path their breasts occasionally apply for a cancer test.
  • A vaginal discharge especially breeding between Menstrual periods or after menopause.
  • Any abnormal digestive symptoms which persist especially associated with loss of weight.
  • Any sore on the lips or tongue or skin that does not heal readily.
  • A persistence cough.


-Go for early medical care.

-Dietary is another ways to prevent and cure cancer. We must avoid oiling, fatty, high Chalories and Roasted Food.

Remember early detection is the better way to cure Cancer

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